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This selection of articles can be used as a road map for associations and not-for-profit organizations to ramp up sponsorship programs to increase revenue and member value.

Kick Off Your Q2 with These 4 Corporate Engagement Action Items

We’ve seen the lists distributed the first week in January with titles like “23 Tips for 2023” or “Start Off Your Year with this Baker’s Dozen of Ideas”. However, what happens after three months? How do you keep the momentum going as you move into Spring? To help, here is our list of corporate engagement action items to kick off your Q2 .

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“Structuring Association Sponsorship Programs to Win”

It’s no longer a given that companies that sell to your members will sponsor your association.

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“Successful Association Sponsorships in the New Competitive Environment”

The corporate sponsorship paradigm has shifted in two important and related ways: First, associations are not “sole source”. Second, associations are not immune from competition. (See the article on page 84.)

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“What Do Your Sponsors Really Want?”

Learn about the findings of a survey that reveals what companies are seeking in sponsorship programs and how associations can provide value to attract more sponsors.

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“Buh Bye Bronze, Silver & Gold, We’re Adopting a New Year-Round Approach to Sponsorship”

Traditional à la carte, event-centric sponsorships are losing favor with some companies. There is potential for more revenue and member value with a year-round approach to sponsorships.

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10 Steps to a Successful Corporate Sponsorship Program

The Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN) has created a corporate partnership relationship with Medtronic that provides significant value for members and AMSN, as well as Medtronic.

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“Looking for Sponsor Dollars? Try These Two Hot Areas”

Traditionally, sponsorships have been funded from companies’ market budgets. A new strategy is sponsorship funding from companies’ diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and environmental sustainability budgets.

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“The 2023 Outlook for Non-Dues Revenue”

After nearly three years of pandemic and economic uncertainty, what has your association learned? Are you doing anything differently? Have you stopped doing anything? What are you better at now? Your answers hint at how well your association might handle the future, because this uncertainty won’t be ending anytime soon.

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“Content is King When Competing for Sponsors”

Offering sponsors content placement opportunities and providing sponsors with metrics on how their content is performing is a great way to add value for sponsor companies while delivering content that members need.

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Learning how to increase sponsorship revenue – in alignment with your organization’s mission – is critical for organizational success.